Observatory Events

An EKSISTENZ “community of practice” event will take place in Manchester between 14:00 and 17:00 on Thursday 1 December and will spend time discussing the future of the European Observatory on Identity Theft and eCrime. The event’s agenda is:

14:00 – Welcome/Introduction; Dr Shaun Topham, University of Manchester

14:05 – “Anonymisation Decision-Making Framework”; Dr Elaine Mackey, University of Manchester

14.30 – Horizon2020 Projects FUTURETRUST and Lightest:  Demonstrating Implementations of the EU Trust Service Regulations; Jon Shamah, EEMA

14:55 – Latest Results of EU FP7 Project eCRIME; Tim Nissen, Trilateral

15:20 – A Comprehensive Framework for a Reliable eIdentity Ecosystem:  An Introduction to EU Horizon2020 project ARIES; Andrew Staniforth, Office of West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commission

15.45 – The Work of the Porvoo Group in Promoting a Trans-National, Interoperable eIdentity; Tuire Saaripuu, VRK (Finnish Population Register)

16:00 – Overview of EKSISTENZ:  An Innovative and Interoperable Set of Tools, Procedures, Methods and Processes that will Tackle Identity Theft in the EU; Alain Sroussi, Safran/Morpho, France

16.25 – Latest EKSISTENZ Results; Marek Tiits, Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia

16:50 – Conclusions for the Day and Brief Introduction to the European Observatory on Identity Theft and eCrime; Dr Shaun Topham

The event will take place in Room F1 in the University of Manchester’s Renold Building. The venue is close to Manchester Piccadilly Station where trains from Manchester Airport and London arrive. Refer to the URLs below:

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